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our new profile design looks like our old sodahead profiles :D Thanks Dan!! i can only imagine that it will get even more improvements over time :)

Thats good!! 7 votes, 70%
im glad too 3 votes, 30%
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Thanks Skunky. All credits goes to the developers who worked hard. Now the problem is the profile page is not mobile friendly.

Skunky Stinkerson Dan
you're welcome :D. and thanks developers :)

With the answered questions, the button that says "More" it just takes you to another page when you click on it. it would be cool if it would work like how it did on sodahead :D
Fuzzy Corona Dan
I assume that Dan'll make that work eventually
Thats good!!

Thank you so much for making this site!  I am so happy!

Thats good!!

Everything seems pretty cool so far.

Thats good!!
Roy Munson
Thats good!!

I'm ba-ack!

76May Roy Munson

im glad too

And a big thank you to all those who are devoting themselves!