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Site is going thru an upgrade right now , so maybe acting Screwy Guys and Gals

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Feb 13, 2016 in Doubts by NoLongerHere (6,142 points)
edited Feb 13, 2016 by NoLongerHere

Update  13/2/2016   Site is still a little screwy , reply buttons don't always work 

and replies are being duplicated but bare with us , also unable to post You tube vids right now but isn't it exciting to see the site changing before our Eyes :)

2 Answers

Dan Feb 13, 2016

Thank you for the message.

NoLongerHere Dan Feb 13, 2016
While I'm thinking of it , we need an option to DELETE our own comments
NoLongerHere Dan Feb 16, 2016

I always think it's better to be informed , than to be left in the Dark  :) you're welcome Dan 

CherriViola Dan Feb 23, 2016

That's very true.

Skunky Stinkerson Feb 13, 2016

this site is starting to look more and more like sodahead with every update.. nice.  but, the profile answer/question "more" bar needs fixing (it doesn't actually show more. it just takes you to another page)

Skunky that's why I made the post because it will malfunction right now.

You're so right because now I no longer need to say @ Skunky and we have our Perma link which takes friends straight to our comment :) this all looking very promising  :)

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