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Oops - all the answers are gone.

Here's the error report: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected end of file in /home/edusters/public_html/Ihavesolved.com/qa-plugin/q2a-squidix/theme/answer.php on line 177

Read more: http://www.ihavesolved.com/15262/slowly-but-surely-changes-on-this-site-all-will-happen#ixzz40QvKpq48

Suyanto Tirta Marianne

nothing is missing


Yeah and it´s exciting!

Suyanto Tirta amberleechoo
this is our house
Suyanto Tirta amberleechoo
this is our Our homes

Yes, I am so impressed.  Thank you again to whoever has made this happen.

Suyanto Tirta 76May
this is our house
amberleechoo 76May
Yeah thanks by the developers Dan and me are able to make this site grow :)
amberleechoo 76May
Yeah help by the developers Dan and me have been able to make this site grow :)

Anything that will improve the site, I'm all for...

Suyanto Tirta Platinum
This is our Homes,... lol
lobsterman Platinum

Hey my friend Platinum , just saying Hi,  I got your message on old site, I  tried to pm you here  but we have to be following each other been here all of 5 minutes haven't figured out how to follow you.  

Skunky Stinkerson

its awesome, right now its like a mashup of the old yahoo answers with sodahead :D although, i wish the question/answer "more" bar on our profiles would work properly. 

all hope as you would expect


Awesome. The site was cool when i first signed up and it seems to have only gotten better.


I haven't been on here for a week or so and I'm really liking the changes.  

I really like the way you grouped the notifications.  Makes going through them a whole lot easier.

Looking good!  Keep up the good work!

Suyanto Tirta lucythetooth

thanks, let us enjoy this site  my friend


One thing at a time, step by step - we will try to be patient - also with upvoting ...


Suyanto Tirta Marianne

patient and be patient, that's all we could


Just a short note: the upvoting for the comments to answers seems to function again. But the answers cannot be upvoted yet; there's a message on a red bar requiring to "reload the page", but nothing works ...

Dan Marianne

I have notified it to the developer.

Suyanto Tirta Marianne

be patient again ...

Like it or don't!

Suyanto Tirta

Like it