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What type of question, when you spot it, do you want to answer....controversial ones tend to attract the most attention...

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One that asks something that is "my favorite."

Platinum MidnightCowboy

or one that gets lots of points.....


I prefer questions that are good for thoughtful discussion.  Questions like "What is your favorite ice cream?" etc. don't interest me too much.

NoLongerHere TheOtherTink

@ TINK   I find I can take the most Boring questions , off in the most unusual direction  lolz image

TheOtherTink TheOtherTink

LOL!   Um... is she a novice?

But tbh, the answers to those boring question do not go off in such lurid directions 99% of the time. :)


Questions where I can tell more about myself.


There are many interesting questions in many domains which are pleasant to discuss about, and some good jokes are also welcome!


Am I pretty.....always worth a go..

TheOtherTink Platinum

Well, in your case, you should ask if you're a handsome devil, Plat.  :)

TheOtherTink Platinum

Well, I tried to upvote your comment, but I couldn't.  All I got was a popup saying to reload the page, and when I did, I still couldn't upvote.

NoLongerHere Platinum


Now Tink , sorry for the inconvenience  :)

TheOtherTink Platinum

No problemo, the upvote for Plat's answer works now, just as you said.  :)

Platinum Platinum

So are you Tink....

TheOtherTink Platinum

Devils rule!  :)


Real questions that need a little thought. Polls are entertaining for some but not really very interesting.

I Love reading and chatting about other Peoples Paranormal experiences , my own Ghost Story post on SH had two Experts on there and they even posted Photo's and I was thrilled.



Am I Prettyimage