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Do you have a "No Soliciting" sign on your front door?

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Mar 31, 2016 in Home & Garden by MidnightCowboy (26,138 points)


8 Answers

StarzAbove Mar 31, 2016


Mar 31, 2016

No, but I'd get one, if solicitation became a problem. I've had a few religious solicitors come, but I've never opened the door to them. I realize they think they're "doing the Lord's work", but I've heard it all and I don't want to encourage further encroachment.

MidnightCowboy Mar 31, 2016

I did have one in the past but I have removed it.  

Deadcutie1994 Mar 31, 2016


Apr 1, 2016

My sign says, "No soliciting, No loitering, No trespassing, No exceptions."

Freeranger Apr 1, 2016  I'm in a rural enough area that, when we get enough people together for a parade there's nobody left to watch-----thankfully.

lucythetooth Apr 4, 2016

I used to, but the wind stole it and I've just never gotten around to replacing it.  I do, however, have a 'no soliciting' dog going apeshit just inside the door whenever anyone knocks or rings the doorbell.  All I really have to do is open the door a couple of inches and tell them I'm not interested.  The sight of her sticking her snout through the gap and snarling at them usually sends them scurrying off my porch in a hurry.

RECRUIT Apr 6, 2016

No.,i have a large Shepard that goes nuts when anyone he doesnt know comes near the stairs.

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