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What makes Saturday different than any other day of the week for you?

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Apr 1, 2016 in Arts & Humanities by anonymous

4 Answers

MidnightCowboy Apr 1, 2016

I've always liked Saturdays since I was a kid because it meant no school.

MidnightCowboy Apr 1, 2016

Heck yeah! lol...

Deadcutie1994 Apr 1, 2016

It's God's sabbath.

Deadcutie1994 Apr 1, 2016

I did not know that. Hmm....

Fuzzy Corona Apr 1, 2016

It's the prime time for me to do what is my truest passion: Sending fuck marry kills to people I follow on Tumblr

Fuzzy Corona Apr 1, 2016

That's a fun game to play with people you would like to fuck, marry, or kill. ;)

Freeranger Apr 1, 2016

"me time"

Freeranger Apr 4, 2016

I just adore me time! Can't even hardly wait for next weekend already.

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