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So, have you been pranked today?

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Apr 1, 2016 in Fun & Humor ☻ by MidnightCowboy (26,138 points)


10 Answers

Apr 1, 2016

No, and I won't be.

StarzAbove Apr 1, 2016

Where are you, and what happened?   Are you coming back?

Apr 1, 2016

Follow me so I can pm you.

MidnightCowboy Apr 1, 2016

Yes, but in a laughable way; not a mean prank.

StarzAbove Apr 1, 2016


Apr 1, 2016

Nope, not even remotely. This day usually goes by without a prank in our household.

Freeranger Apr 1, 2016 was on my guard ha, ha.  But.....I got someone pretty good however.

TheOtherTink Apr 2, 2016

No, that nuclear speech Obama gave today didn't fool me, and shouldn't have fooled anyone.

Marianne Apr 2, 2016

Yes and no; I looked myself for jokes and pranks in the news - lol.

And I found some really funny ones.

Here's an example from news, referring to a comment on Twitter:

and a widespread joke about replacing police dogs, either to cut food costs or because of a better night-sight, etc.:

Deadcutie1994 Apr 2, 2016

No I wasn't 

amberleechoo Apr 3, 2016

No I never was pranked or pranked anybody. I almost forgot about that day.

Marianne Apr 3, 2016

I found some funny pranks two days ago, which had to be translated first. 


Sharks Switching to Vegetarian Diet

A study conducted by Swiss and Australian biologists shed light on an unusual behaviour of these top predators. A group of marine biologists from the Cantonal Museum of Zoology in Lausanne and from the University of Sydney, Australia, is studying, since 2012, the feeding behaviour of two shark populations off the Australian coast, who seemed to have become vegetarians. These two groups are composed of about 100 great white sharks and about 10 Pacific sleeper sharks, equipped with sensors on their fin, allowing to track their movements. It seems that these two groups have fed exclusively on algae and plankton since mor than two years. The research team found several explanations to this phenomenon: the Oceanic fish stocks are running short, inciting the sharks to look for other feeding opportunities, or the great white sharks, having mistaken surfboards for seals, might have suffered from indigestions, after having tried to feed on these indigestible or even toxic materials. They must have deduced that seal meat was no longer edible and looked for other resources. The scientists' ongoing investigations are trying to find other group of vegetarian sharks. They did not exclude a more extensive evolutionary tendency, driving all the sharks to change their diet. (dmz/comm) -

Finally, no more confusion! Sweden&Switzerland have decided to become one Fermented Herring <-> Chocolate=good trade Diplomacy Swedenland: Fusion between Switzerland and Sweden To put an end to the annoying confusion of Switzerland and Sweden, the two countries decided to merge to form a new entity, Swedenland. For foreigners, the confusion of Switzerland and Sweden will soon belong to history. The Swedish Government announced the decision of the two countries to form "Swedenland" on their official Twitter page.

Forget about the dogs: hurrah for the police cats! The Police officers of the Canton of Vaud broke new ground in the field of police intervention methods, together with their feline assistants. Since a year, they are experiencing the cats' night vision, a clear advantage, as technology cannot replace certain natural senses. The good old methods are still efficient, hence the dog units is still representing one of the key elements of the Vaud Cantonal Police. But since a year, all the doggies are competing against very serious challengers. From now on, the gendarmes of the Canton of Vaud are also assisted by police cats! The official Facebook page of the Police of the Canton of Vaud informs about their "first tests, which turned out to be very promising". With their speed, a visual range of more than 260 ° and their excellent night vision, they are very useful partners. (frb)

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