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Which of these social media sites do you like the most?

+2 votes
Dec 21, 2015 in Computer Networking by amberleechoo (19,060 points)
Except Youtube
Facebook 6 votes, 38%
Twitter 1 vote, 6%
Instagram 0 votes
Pintrest 1 vote, 6%
Tumblr 3 votes, 19%
Flickr 0 votes
Vine 0 votes
LinkedIn 0 votes
Reddit 0 votes
Undecided 5 votes, 31%

13 Answers

Dec 21, 2015
I do not currently use any of them.  Reddit is the only one I might try.  I have no interest in the others.  

The ideal site, imho, would combine the best of SH and Amirite and ditch the BS.  This site has potential...
Steven Dec 21, 2015
Facebook or Whatsapp
Fuzzy Corona Dec 21, 2015
Dan Dec 21, 2015
Where is Google+? It looks nice but less users than Facebook.
amberleechoo Dan Dec 21, 2015
Well I  guess I forgot that one.
Dec 22, 2015

I don't really like any of them.

NoLongerHere Dec 23, 2015
Only recently joined Pinterest , don't quite get what it's about yet other than Great Photography and many things I'm interested in like Haunted Houses  etc

Oh I follow my favourite Singers on Twitter and a few Actors
SIMPATTYCO NoLongerHere Dec 26, 2015
i am a heavy pinterest user  i have over 8000 bfiollowwers
Dan NoLongerHere Jan 25, 2016
Thats great!
Platinum Dec 26, 2015
I belong to closed groups affiliated to FB ...
hadagar Jan 25, 2016

I am an Albany-based coffee & tea supplier who is deeply engaged in local social media marketing efforts now. I think Facebook and Instagram might be my favorite, since they are set to be the most popular and mainstream platforms for B2B marketers. I like Instagram probably the most for its user-friendly navigation and great options for creating signature photos from boring images captured on my smartphone.


Dan hadagar Jan 25, 2016
Hadagar, good luck for your business.
David4004 Feb 4, 2016

It's torn between Facebook and Twitter, actually.  While I like Facebook in the way that I can share longer posts (unlike the 140 character limit on Twitter...still wondering when or even IF Twitter10k will happen), I'm not often in the mood to Instant Message people, which is what I like about Twitter more.

Kamatchi Feb 18, 2016

Facebook, rarely.

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