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I remembered being in a car accident, so terrible, my father passed away on the way to the hospital due to his injuries. My mother, however, survived but stayed in a coma for a couple of weeks following the accident. Unfortunately, she died a couple of years later of a heart attack. However, I survived the crash, which was a miracle.

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Being put in the wrong class back in the 9th Grade.

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How does that feel?
Fuzzy Corona MidnightCowboy

You know, as a white person born into a family with money I don't get to say this very much, but damn, you really haven't experienced any hardship


Knowing the last time I saw my mother alive was leaving her standing on the side of an Arizona highway.

Alternator had died and car was being towed to dealership for repairs, of course, we were taking mom to airport so she could return home. Taxi cabs will not come to you on the highway unless the highway patrol calls them.

So, last time I saw my mother alive she was standing next to a state police car on Highway 17.

She died within a year of this. What a good son am I.

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As I recalled, the last time I got a glimpse of my mother alive was in the Christmas of 1994, when we were visiting her in Lincolnshire for Christmas. It was about a couple of months before her death.
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Becoming depressed