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What is the worst injury you've ever sustained?

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Jun 14, 2016 in Miscellaneous ♑ by 41071 (641 points)
We have a lollipop at the end of our street (that's what we called it in Britain). It was just a small roundabout at the corner of a street. So, back when I was a child, I used to ride my bike around that area. It wasn't until one day when I rode close to the brick walls and skinned myself on my left hand. Needless to say, it hurts for weeks and the scar took months to properly heal.

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Hitman Jun 14, 2016

I have a few shrapnel wounds on my back and my right wrist. Quite painful at the time but all healed up now. Ugly scars though.

Lovita Hitman Sep 10, 2016

I'm so sorry you suffered those shrapnel wounds but I'm glad you don't have permanent nerve damage.  And I'm glad you healed well.  Believe me, if all I had were my ugly, purple scars instead of the constant pain in my hip and pelvis, I'd be fine.   One of my scars has lightened, so it doesn't look so bad.  But don't look for me in Playboy!

Deadcutie1994 Jun 15, 2016

Just a few cuts scrapes and bruises every child gets growing up. No broken bones..

Lovita Sep 10, 2016

I broke my left hip and femur back in 2001.  VERY PAINFUL being carried down 16-steps on a stretcher, even with the morphine shots.  I broke my left hip AGAIN, when I tripped, fell on a couch and slipped to the floor and broke my left hip again, nine years later.  That time, it wasn't THAT painful.  Then I blacked out one night in the bathroom in 2014, fell face first on the floor, slamming my forehead on the floor, split the inside and outside of my lower lip, broke my pelvis and my left hip for the third time.  Now I have MORE permanent nerve damage and numbness in my hip and some parts of my left leg.  And LOTS OF UGLY SCARS from three major surgeries.  The pain from the first injury never went away because the first surgeon said "THE ROD WAS INSERTED INCORRECTLY IN YOUR HIP, SO THE HIP BONE DID NOT HEAL CORRECTLY."   I have to use a cane when I go out and I can't sit, stand or walk too far.  My dancing days are over! 

carbonproduct Jul 9, 2017

November 15th 2014, the day my grandson was born I got in a car wreck and broke 16 ribs.

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