Now that we have flatscreen TV, with no tube, what should replace the slang "boobtube"?

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Dec 29, 2015 in TV by Ancient_Hippy (3,106 points)

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Bruno56 Dec 29, 2015
anal panel
Ancient_Hippy Bruno56 Dec 29, 2015
OMG!!!!!!!!!   I love it!!!!!
Bruno56 Bruno56 Dec 29, 2015
LOL   ;*)
dragonfly46 Dec 29, 2015


Flat-rack or Flatrack

Electronic breadboard?

Ancient_Hippy dragonfly46 Dec 29, 2015
Awesome, thanks Dragonfly.
dragonfly46 dragonfly46 Dec 29, 2015
Lol, you're welcome. I'll probably be thinking of new ones. You got me going now.
Ravin local Dec 29, 2015
I still see " boobs" on tv pretty often. No need to change the name.
Ancient_Hippy Ravin local Dec 29, 2015
I think your mind is in the wrong place Ravin.
Ravin local Ravin local Dec 30, 2015
Boob- a foolish or stupid person. YOUR mind went astray! Lol
Ancient_Hippy Ravin local Dec 30, 2015
Doesn't it always?
Ravin local Ravin local Dec 30, 2015
I sure hope so, Punkin! ;)
Dec 29, 2015
the box
Rooster Dec 29, 2015

Since most are so big nowadays, how about Flatty Fatty ? LOL.

Ancient_Hippy Rooster Dec 29, 2015
Heck yeah!!! Thanks Rooster.
Platinum Dec 29, 2015
Flat chested...
Ancient_Hippy Platinum Dec 29, 2015
I like that, along with flat boob.
Platinum Platinum Dec 29, 2015
Ta hon..
MidnightCowboy Jan 7, 2016

"Plasma Brain"

OPStellar Sep 12



C**ksbox (I can't believe I'm typing this rn)

Teetersplasma (I'm really not a bad guy, trust me. It's from a video frequently quoted by a high school friend.)

Obscene screen

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