When do you think medical help for memory loss is required?

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Jul 1, 2016 in Arts & Humanities by amberleechoo (19,060 points)


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MidnightCowboy Jul 1, 2016

From what I have read, doing crossword puzzles can help.  I think medical attention would be imperative if it should lead to Alzheimer's.

As per my views, from the very first stage of dementia or Alzheimer's, one should seek the medical help for the better progress in the disease. Games like crossword puzzles can help in improving the memory of a person by building the logical ability. There are some other activities and treatment too which is mandatory for the person suffering from Alzheimer's. Alzheimer's care Morris County NJ make sure that patients with dementia in their community are living a much healthy and qualitative life. A healthy environment can also help in bringing the positive change in the life of an Alzheimer's patient.

TheOtherTink May 4

Some memory loss is normal as people age, but it should be checked out and treated if it indicates serious brain disease.

Virginia May 5

As I get old myself, I am learning that the time for medical help with memory loss can be postponed more than one might think. Many of my friends with memory loss function well, with minimal interventions. And there is no really good treatment...so I would say the time for medical help is not until someone's memory loss jeopardizes their physical safety. 

And even postpone then as much as you possibly can...we need to cherish our old folks.

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