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Couch is the "affluenza teen" who fled the country when it was revealed on Twitter that he was in breach of his release conditions. What of his mother, who assisted his escape and was arrested with him?

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He should be thrown in jail for his original 10 year sentence PLUS additional time for breaking parole and fleeing the country. His mother should be tried for aiding and abetting a felon and she should get jail time for that. The father should be responsible for the costs involved in searching for the kid and his mother. Both parents should also be fined heavily for raising a spoiled brat that was never forced to realize the consequences of his actions.
Didge Ancient_Hippy
We're all of one accord, Hippy. This was a travesty on a par with Oscar Pistorius (the Blade Runner) being allowed to serve out his conviction (for murdering his fiancee) at home.
Ancient_Hippy Ancient_Hippy
The kid's a brat.
Tiger Paws Ancient_Hippy
Totally agree
Him and his mother both need to go to jail.
Didge Echooos
We all seem to be agreed on that, Echoos.
Tiger Paws
They both need to go to jail.
Didge Tiger Paws
Right to the point.
Lock him up (and his mommy too)
Agree, but I'd be willing to bet she buys her way out of a prison sentence.
She'll damned sure try.
Didge Rooster
Love this one. If it hadn't been for Hippy's answer I'd have given it the tick. >:-)
Who is Ethan Couch....I'm English and never heard of him...
Didge Platinum
You must have missed the news that night. His case was so outrageous that it even made the news here in Oz.

Two years ago, at age 16 and three times over the blood alcohol level for an adult (teens are not permitted to drink in the US) Couch ploughed into a broken-down car, killing the driver and three people who had stopped to assist. He injured the passengers in his own car, causing permanent brain damage to one of them.

When the case came to court his lawyer claimed that he suffered from "affluenza". He said that the Couch family was so wealthy and the boy so privileged that he didn't know the difference between right and wrong.

The judge, whose offshore bank account undoubtedly took a turn for the better about that time, said, "Poor  kid. Let's give him a good behaviour bond." One of the conditions was that he should not drink and that he should receive counselling.

A couple of weeks ago he was caught on video playing "beer pong" and the clip was posted on (I  think) Twitter. He and his mother, realising he would now go to prison, absconded and, a couple of days ago, were arrested in Mexico.

Dad, by this time, seems to have washed his hands of both of them -- at least in public. He doesn't want to go down with the kid.
Platinum Platinum
I'm English and it might not have been in our news or if it was it may have been small...so what happens next...
Didge Platinum
Who knows? I imagine he'll have his bond cancelled and will spend the next 10 years in prison, but in view of the multiple deaths, the DA may well appeal the leniency of the sentence. (10 years is a slap on the wrist by US standards.)
Leave them in a Mexican jail, with no chance the guard will be bribed to make things easy for them.
Didge Korvo
I wouldn't count on the honesty of a Mexican prison guard. The stories we here about Mexican law enforcement aren't good.