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Rare 1970 Quarter will worth more than $1000s Now

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Jul 28, 2016 in Investments by Dan (5,338 points)
Do you own a rare 1970 US Quarter? Congrats then you can sell it for more than $1000s now on ebay. Recently a rare 1970 Quarter sold for around $35K. The coin was accidently minded back of a Canadian coin. So it's a US 1970 quarter on 1941 Canadian coin. If you own a coin like that will you sell or keep it with you? If you are so rich then will you buy a coin like that?

2 Answers

MidnightCowboy Jul 28, 2016

I hope that I may discover through happenstance that I would own such a coin.

Bruno56 Jul 31, 2016

I'ts a one of a kind coin (accidental) 

I would never be 'so rich' because I don't keep money...I share it.

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