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Since I'm used to the heat from the deserts, the heat up at home is nothing. Lot's of home things to catch up on so I'm usually out side at least 6 hours a day. I prefer the outdoors anyway. Much more peaceful.


About one hour daily.


None, unfortunately.  I USED to spend a couple hours outside when I was well and not stuck inside 24/7.  Some days, however, I would spend significantly more time outdoors.  I keep wishing, dreaming, and hoping for life outdoors like I used to.



I like the outdoors.

My right foot gets sore so I cant spend as much time on my feet as I would like to.

I spent three hours on the beach this morning (metal detecting)...that was a lot (all at one time) for me.image

The question could be how many minutes you spend outside. As I live in Canada, and some days it is impossible to be outside or you can't spend that long outside either. I am not an outside person, but it depends on the day, not just weather wise, it also depends on what is going on as well, that day. 

1 hour