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If you own a Honda, are you very happy with your selection?

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Jul 31, 2016 in Cars & SUVs by MidnightCowboy (26,138 points)
edited Jul 31, 2016 by MidnightCowboy


4 Answers

Bruno56 Jul 31, 2016

Don't own one.

used to have a Honda C-50 scooter LONG time ago.image

MidnightCowboy Jul 31, 2016

My brother purchased a 2016 Honda Accord Sport yesterday.  He loves it!  I love riding in it. 

amberleechoo Aug 1, 2016

I don´t have a car so not sure if I would be.

Hitman Aug 2, 2016

Honda, Toyota and Subaru are the best cars made. They last long with minimal maintenance and are safe cars. My Dad worked for Toyota and Honda and that's all he drives. I drive a Toyota truck and my wife has a nice Acura. Great cars !

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