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One.  A lower wisdom tooth, and then the other, a few years later.  The uppers never erupted and haven't caused any trouble.


Mine would involve three wisdom teeth all removed at one visit to the dentist.


Four wisdom teeth and three broken molars from an AK-47 hit on my jaw ! Still having trouble with that and I get a new modern bridge on Monday. Hajji had more teeth missing when I was done with him !

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And I hope the new bridge works perfectly!

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SO DO I !!!!!! Marine dentists?????  

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I don't think I ever met one.  Maybe I'm lucky? 

Well, I hope it works out.  :)

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Either that or Navy Dentists ! They don't get the training a regular Dentist gets. They also don't get that kind of pay either ! LOL. Yes, you're lucky!

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Well, good luck on Monday anyway!

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Thank you !


Only one wisdom tooth at a time. And that has been easier than two at a time.

So far one from a dental surgeon.