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Back in the 1960s Al Capp started an "iggle" craze in his "Lil Abner" comic strip, People everywhere were looking for new iggles. There were Bald Iggles, Test Iggles, Ice Iggles, Com Iggles, and so on. How many can you think of. (Extra kudos if you find some illustrations to go with your answer.) 


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Never heard of them.  I found these on the internet:


Didge TheOtherTink

They're the little buggers I was talking about. 


You are aging us Didge. I remember them, but the different ones? Ice iggles I recall, but not much else.

Didge Korvo

It was so long ago I don't remember them either. I know one of the Sydney newspapers invited submissions when they were featured in Lil Abner. They caused quite a sensation for a month or so. 


No, I didn't know about the cartoons or games with "iggles". Were they used for creating cartoon characters, like "bald iggle" (referring to "bald eagle"), ice iggles (icicles), etc. or was it also for rhyming, like with "giggles"?


All I could find was an info about Li'l Abner:




Didge Marianne

Unfortunately the site software cut off your link at the apostrophe. I've taken the liberty of running it through Google's "URL shortener" so that anybody who wants to read it can click on it here. It's an interesting article> 

Li'l Abner on Wikipedia: https://goo.gl/8WwegE

Marianne Marianne

Oh yes, thank you; the link is the one, which was "amputated". There are still troubles with connections, cuts and some "slow sites" at certain hours.