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Do you have Amazon prime account?

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Jan 7, 2017 in Websites by Dan (5,338 points)

With Prime account, you will receive your orders faster. Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

4 Answers

Rooster Jan 7, 2017

I've been tempted a few times but I usually order books from Amazon and don't really care how quick they get delivered as I'm always have a pile to read. I suppose it has it's benefits for people with electronic readers but I haven't really looked at it that much.

Marianne Jan 7, 2017

No, I prefer to go to the book shops.

Echooos Jan 7, 2017

Yes I have Amazon Prime, I kind of like it free shipping plus another movie channel.

Tiger Paws Jan 10, 2017

I order from Amazon but I don't have Prime.

I never have to pay shipping cause I order their free shipping amount. Never to have something the next or so, so how long it takes not important.

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