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This site for one ! Kind of quiet but some nice people here and my son also.

I've looked at answerbag.com and it's OK and also answermug and I like that site also. It's best in the afternoons and evenings when the political questions are gone.

I wish this site would pick up as I like it here.

TheOtherTink Rooster

Wait a minute, Rooster!  Isn't your son one of the nice people here?  I  think he is.

Umm...well... most of the time, anyway.  :angel: :D

Rooster Rooster

Yeah, most of the time is right Tink! :D

Hitman Rooster

Hey!  I'm way nicer than you old man! :'(

TheOtherTink Rooster

Uh, oh... I hope I didn't cause a family squabble.  :O

You're BOTH too nice for that! :)


Rooster Rooster

Naw, no squabble here at all Tink. He's just being his usual self!  :D

TheOtherTink Rooster


Fuzzy Corona

This, amirite, answermug


A m i r i t e and here.  Haven't been on the mug site in ages.

Skunky Stinkerson

Answermug, this site occasionally, and Am I Rite occasionally. 


None, I was already on too many sites to go on additional ones.

And even the best associations, groups or sites can attract less mannered people or worse.


This site is a nice one. :)