Do you like to live in a Container Home?

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Jan 19, 2017 in Home & Garden by Dan (5,358 points)

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Rooster Jan 19, 2017

No thank you! I'm in the process of looking for a new home at this time and I wouldn't even look at a home like that. No offense but No Thank You!

TheOtherTink Jan 19, 2017

Umm... I think probably not, although it might be interesting to check one out.

Marianne Jan 27, 2017

It might be interesting and useful for students, travellers and tourists as a cost efficient, temporary solution or for holidays and camping.

There are even ecologically efficient, "self-powered" and autonomous, mobile cabins, bungalows, offices or "homes" with wireless internet and other connecting facilities - for one or two people.

MariaCaldwell Aug 23

That could be really interesting. I personally believe that, no matter what type of home you own, it must be kept well organized and well maintained. And one of the best way to get is organized is by installing the trendy suitable furniture on the empty space of home. This not only increases the beauty of interiors but also helps in making the home look more comfortable. One can read more about the benefits of having modern furniture installed in home and how they help in increasing the beauty of interiors too.

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