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Scams and trolls

Kninjanin Kharmeldove

They are very active on Web.


Hypocrites, spammers,trolls and rude people. Seems like they are growing by the numbers daily.

Kninjanin Rooster

There are the millions of them on social media.


I do not like that some social networks wants to know everything about me. I do not like haters, trolls and scammers.


Like everybody: I don't like trolling, hacking, phishing, fraud, mobbing and hate-mongering, and arrogance.



And the smartest can be fooled ...

Marianne Marianne

Did anybody among you experience crashes or cuts and very slow "reactions" on this and other sites?

TheOtherTink TheOtherTink

@ Synyster:That's for sure, but fortunately, I don't take the liars seriously.


  • Unwanted and useless ads I never even bother clicking on.
  • Hateful people who have to start arguments or online wars just because they disagree with other people's opinions on something.
  • People who make mountains out of molehills...in other words, people who make too big of a deal out of things that are no big deal.
  • Instant messages.  I really don't like talking to people, one-on-one, back and forth online.  For one thing, I'm almost always too tired to engage in back-and-forth conversations.  And, for another, I often make the mistake of saying too much and something slips out where the other person takes offense and usually attacks me or ridicules me for it.  That has happened quite a few times...especially on Facebook, in particular.  Also...with IMs, if I make a spelling error, I can't edit and fix it once I hit the "Enter"/"Send" button and I often have to type the corrected word with the asterisk (*) in another reply to whoever I'm talking to.
Kninjanin David4004

I agree.


Lack of privacy

Tyto alba

It all depends on how you post.  I don't post anything serious or personal on social media,  that kind of stuff happens in the DMs or Private messaging.  It's very easy to avoid trolls.  I guess my one thing I dislike is when I see a lot of the same jokes reposted over and over again,  it makes your timeline real uninteresting.  So simply,  just connect with more people and more content appears.  I also feel like I have to keep up with posting fresh content as well so I'm not the one making the same posts over and over again,  it's a god problem to have.