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Rather than switching your clock twice a year, would you rather be on DST or Standard time all year long? Why for the choice? Or do you like changing your clock?  Saskatchewan tried DST a couple of years, then went permanently on DST. Been like that for years now.

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I think I like Standard time better but one or the other is OK as long as it's just ONE! Get tired of changing clocks twice a year!


Actually, I kinda like the little ritual of changing the clocks to mark (approximately) the equinoxes. In the fall, you get an extra hour as a bit of consolation for the descent into (ugh!) winter. True, you give that hour back in the spring, but with summer coming (yay!), who cares?  :)

Korvo TheOtherTink

I have always wondered about the people who work night shift. When changing to DST, do they only work 7 rather than 8 hours, and when changing back in the fall, do they have to work 9 hours rather than 8.  :)

TheOtherTink TheOtherTink

@ Korvo:

I don't know the answer to that, never having worked weekend night shifts, but it seems logical that they would work 7 or 9 hours, depending.


Actually, I was not keen on DST, I just got more or less used to it.