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Almost every day there is something he said on Twitter. Why doesn't he speak to the people instead of using social media? Not much security there. Is it the time we live in now or just him?

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Well, Obama has and has had a Twitter account too, but his activity is not like Trump's. :D 

Rooster TheOtherTink

Just seems that he blasts away on Twitter and the media has a field day with it.

TheOtherTink TheOtherTink

Yes, well the MSM is going to blast him no matter what, but at least he needn't make it easy for them.

Maybe he figures being in the news all the time, even with bad press, helps him. :D


Many politicians and famous people use Twitter to communicate with their fans.


You are right, Rooster! Twitter is useful, but a President or Leader should communicate more with the populations.

xix Marianne

By using Twitter, I feel he's actually communicating with people, rather than speaking through the media filter.

If he says something stupid, well, he said something stupid. I'd much rather know my President is a person rather than a team of lawyers whispering in someone's ear.

Marianne Marianne

There is a but: not everybody is using Twitter, and messages sent to masses are not so personal.

But, as said, Twitter is a very useful means of communication, of course:



Trump will be the first President to do many things. I find it refreshing as hell..

TheOtherTink jaxxi

I think that's what has the MSM and the Democrats in such a panic.


He may not have been the first and he certainly won't be the last.

Personally, I would much rather read what the President actually says than listen to a bunch of biased talking heads tell me, "while he said this, what he meant was this...".

I've listened to people for a long time. I can determine what they said vs what they meant for myself.

I just Twitter for no other reason BUT to read his statements.

Rooster xix