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Will there be no hate if everyone looks same, speaks 1 language and no religion?

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Mar 16, 2017 in Arts & Humanities by Dan (5,338 points)

Do you think there will be no hate and war if everyone looks the same, speaks a single language and has no religion? Food, clothings are all done by robots and automation?


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Kninjanin Mar 16, 2017

People will hate.

Rooster Mar 16, 2017

That may help the problem for a while but you can't control everyone's personality. People will eventually clash over some stupid things and then who knows what might happen. Good idea but there will be cracks and it will end the same as it is now. Hate seems to always poke it's head up and trouble isn't far behind.

TheOtherTink Mar 16, 2017

People hate and fight on the internet all the time (but not on this site :) ).

Dan TheOtherTink Mar 17, 2017

Mostly because of Religion, Ethnicity, Country and Language.

TheOtherTink TheOtherTink Mar 17, 2017

Even if they are of the same religion, ethnicity, country and language, they still will fight tooth and nail over politics. :ermm:

Marianne Mar 17, 2017

I am afraid that there will always be conflicts in human society, as soon as there are two - or more.


Yin and Yang Marianne Mar 17, 2017

Too funny!

Marianne Marianne Mar 18, 2017

Thank you, Yin and Yang. :):D

Yin and Yang Mar 17, 2017

Hell no! What would THAT solve? All it would do is cause robots or puppets! I am no body's puppet.

Dan Yin and Yang Mar 17, 2017
It will solve the fights based on Religion, Ethnicity, Country and Language?!
Rooster Yin and Yang Mar 17, 2017

People would just find something else to fight or disagree about.

Marianne Yin and Yang May 20, 2017

Absolutely not, Dan, there will always be fights around owning, priveleges, skills, rankings, beauty, tastes, etc., etc.

auxarcs Mar 18, 2017

Where there are humans there will always be hate.   Where theres a will theres always a way and humanity always desires to feel superior to itself.    Hate is never really about the person or group hated anyway, its about the internal flaws and shortcomings of the hater.   Those who want or need to hate will find something to hate even in the most uniform society.   

Virginia auxarcs May 19, 2017

Auxarcs, hello!

Weren't you on the old I hope it is you...

76May Mar 25, 2017

No.  Everyone is invested in their ego.  Until that is no longer, there will be no peace.

Tinkerbell Mar 28, 2017

Unfortunately, I believe there will always be people that will hate, merely for the fact that some people aren't happy unless they are making someone else miserable.

Bruno56 Apr 6, 2017

I don't care about a persons skin color or place of birth...we are ALL the Human Race...(most of us have well blended DNA)

Religion seems to be the greatest divider of people on this planet,

And then there is the greed of the elite

Our world leaders are corrupt..

Soon Robotics will replace the jobs of MANY humans.

Only those that can afford a good educated will be employed in jobs where you can earn a good living.

The rich will get richer...the poor will get poorer...and that gap will become wider and wider.

What does our future hold?

Virginia May 19, 2017

Dear Dan,

The scenario you present sounds a lot like the description of dandelions given by the great naturalist, Joseph Wood Krutch...where there is little genetic variation, as dandelions replicate by cloning...everything just stays the same always, everywhere.

...and dandelions are tremendously "successful," if you count success in ability to propagate themselves and overrun everything...but it's not a scenario especially attractive to us humankind!

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