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No, but I have met some online that I already knew face to face.


I've never bothered to try and am too busy now to bother with it. But my Dad met some guy from some site that lived fairly close to him and he said he would never do that again as the guy was an asshole and didn't look anything like he described himself. He just wanted some of my Dad's weed is all. I knew it pissed him off .

Tiger Paws

Nope! But there are a few I'd love to meet.  We would have a ball together.

Yin and Yang Tiger Paws

That was the comment we were on when you vanished.

Tiger Paws Tiger Paws

How weird is that!


Not on the web, except for professional contacts and events - by correspondence, phone e-mail, and in meetings:

As to family members, friends, colleagues and acquaintances on the web, I knew them in real life before communicating with some of them over the web.

As to friends and acquaintances met on the web, I don't think that I met them in person.

Mountain Man

No, but it would be nice to meet some of them. I used to wonder how one could become friends with someone over the net that they never met before. But after meeting some people online, I understand. 

Tiger Paws Mountain Man

I've meet some great people online. I thought the same way Mountain Man.