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She comes here every once in a while but not very often. I e-mailed her how to get her account restored on buttit.

Skip Skip Rooster

I hope you can help her out Rooster! She didn't deserve that and you probably know all the ropes. I hope you are doing well :) 

Echooos Rooster

Thank you for helping tiger out Rooster. :)

Mountain Man Rooster

Hey Rooster! That's a good name for the site. 

Tiger Paws Rooster

Thank you! It's a wait and see with him.


He has an account on this website.

Tiger Paws

I'm here!!

hindu girl Tiger Paws

hi tiger are you coming back to blurt it soon

Skip Skip Tiger Paws

Tiger Paws! We miss you! 

Tiger Paws Tiger Paws

I don't think Tim is gong to let me back on. I think he's making an example of me.

Yin and Yang Tiger Paws

Tiger!!!!!!!!! It was like I was talking to you one minute lierally and BAM you disappeared completely! Vanished without a trace! I am so glad i found you. I lost your email!

Marianne Tiger Paws

Welcome back, Tiger Paws!


Tiger Paws Tiger Paws

Yin I'll send it to you again!

A belated hello to all ...

I think that Rooster said it all regarding the other site(s).

Welcome back, Tiger Paws!


Tiger Paws Marianne

Thank you

Marianne Marianne

You're very welcome.


Rooster Marianne

That's OK Marianne, I'm pretty certain they all went back to blurtit  anyway.

Marianne Marianne

Well, I hope that they will not get into trouble.


Hitman Marianne

Never understood their fixation for that site. Bunch of pansies and a worthless owner.

Marianne Marianne

Wow - but among these - oops (I'd rather not repeat it) - users, there are also friends and acquaintances whom you appreciate.

Well, at least they know what to expect ...

We can't but wait and see ...