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People can be so rude and crude sometimes, or is it just me?

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Oh yeah and I make a point of pointing out their rudeness as well. 

My Daughter tells me off when I lose my temper slightly with strangers but I can't stand Bad manners. 

If a Person opens the door for me I thank them , if a Person picks something

up off the floor for me I thank them. 

It's just common courtesy. 

Rooster NoLongerHere

I don't point out their rudeness but it is bad manners.


Like Ser said.  :)


I know you shouldn't help someone out ONLY to receive gratitude,  but a Thank You sure doesn't hurt. I personally don't believe people say please and thank you enough. It used to bother me when people didn't say thank you, but I just try to remember that perhaps they were simply never taught to do so.

Rooster Tinkerbell

Good point Tinkerbell. I was referring to adults who should know better.




Not really.   I accept and welcome thanks but i dont expect thanks and dont get angry if i dont get it because i dont help people in order to be thanked or recieve adulation or recognition.  I help people because they need help that is all.   


Doesn't really matter to me one way or the other. If they don't bother to say Thanks? To hell with them!


Weeeeellllllll !

That happened more than once - with and without lols or lolz.

But there are quite a few other, known, unknown or anonymous friends or strangers, who's help or support went unnoticed, and to whom we could not say thank you.

So, if thinking of them, when facing ungrateful people, no "good deed" is useless - even if it "doesen't go unpunished".

And sometimes, a respectful bow, a handshake, an awkward, happy smile or an acknowledging nod is better than a disdainful or condescending "thank you".


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Marianne Marianne

I couldn't help adding a chuckle - lol. :):D

Marianne Marianne

Lol, Rooster, your question was inspiring!



People are rude and crude in many ways.  However, it doesn't always bother me if someone forgets to thank me for a huge favor I have done them.  Sometimes people forget or don't realize how much you have done for them. Your good deeds always have a way of coming back home to you whether you were thanked or not.

Rooster 76May

Good answer!


Oh dear...did I fail to thank you? I thought I always did :(


Oh Rooster!

I actually have gotten rather cosmic about that kind of thing...after all these decades of life, I think now I am rather surprised whenever I actually DO get a thank you...also I have become appreciative of people around me who do show a certain nobility, honour, loyalty in their relations with others...such integrity is not all that common I am afraid.