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Facebook or Tumblr? Which one do you prefer?

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Marianne Apr 2, 2017
Actually, I don't know which is better; I picked Facebook, because I know it since long and used it already many years ago, along with other specialiced websites or domains, for work related research, links and contacts.

And there are so many communities on-line. All of them have their good and bad sides, their vulnerabilities, their weak and strong points, user-friendly, or more complicated functions.

Rooster Apr 2, 2017

Sorry but I don't have time for either of them. Too many people on Twitter that I don't care much for and I just don't like Facebook. I keep in touch with people I know and trust other ways than social media.

Kninjanin Rooster Apr 2, 2017

I wrote Tumblr, not Twitter.

Rooster Rooster Apr 2, 2017

Sorry, my mistake.

TheOtherTink Apr 2, 2017

I don't use Facebook, and Tumblr only a little.

Kninjanin Apr 2, 2017

I think that Tumblr can be more useful than Facebook. If someone wants to see my posts on Tumblr, it is enough to visite my blog. If someone wants to see my Facebook posts, he have to sign up and add me as friend. The content on Tumblr is more interesting than content on Facebook. I can change a design of my Tumblr blog. Facebook does not allow to change a design.

Bruno56 Kninjanin Apr 6, 2017

I've never even checked Tumbler out.

Bruno56 Apr 6, 2017

Never tried Tumblr...I didn't even start using Facebook until a little while after Sodahead shut everybody out of their accounts.

I mostly use Facebook to stay in touch with my old co-workers (since I retired a couple years ago)

Also use it for various groups such as Genealogy, Metal detecting and I like to post to my hometowns various pages (history/reminiscing)...etc...

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