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It's alright, but I sort of preferred the side-by-side view rather than the top-bottom view (having the stats to the right of the basic info instead of below). Also maybe there could be room to add more information to the profile, like a birthday or "interests" or something like that. Obviously if you didn't want to add that info, you wouldn't have to.
I think it´s pretty good but I think me and Dan can make it even better. And I would want to being able to upload photos on my profile and have more information on it but that is maybe something we can fix. The polls will be customized by the way which some will work on in 24 hours.
Works for me
Design isn't really Top of my list  , though it's a nice bonus

Posting order

**Notification feature**  I want to click on one NOTIFICATION at a time , not search thru hours of Notifications when I have been off line all day.

I want to see that I have looked at that NOTIFICATION , whether it disappears or changes color

I don't want to have to go into my emails because that's a pain in the ass  

Seeing who is voting for me *I miss seeing my Friends voting my comments*
as for "Seeing who is voting for me".. i would rather that stay anonymous because i don't want the pressure of having to go back and return the favor if i don't feel like it xD thats why i like this site so much lol (less work for me to do) xD
NoLongerHere NoLongerHere
I don't feel pressure , it just adds to my Personal experience
JD  always votes for me and I always vote for him and if I don't like something my Friends say I'll tell them *smiling*
I can adjust to most things, I think our problem is that soda had a great format that worked, but I'm adaptable to most things...
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You're more adaptable than me
It would be nice if we could post images to walls and private messages...That way we could celebrate holiday events with friends by sending messages with gifs and 'cards' etc.

It would also be nice to be able to personalize your profile page with images.
NoLongerHere Bruno56
I miss that to
SH was great in the Design stakes
The site is beautiful.
dru tiger
It's a little too office looking. I would like to be able to pretty up my profile page like we did on SH. And I would like to have a feature to see what my friends have been answering.

But it is a direct site, easy to use, and I like the fact no a-holes are on it harassing people.

I don't like the Pastel Colors  tbh  they're just  "blah"

It's not aesthetically pleasing to the Eye and it's the opinion of most of those that I have tried to get to join this Site. They really don't like it and have insulted it in many ways.

Which is a shame because this Site has a Good layout and so many Great Features and the BONUS is we have an Administrator who listens to us and Believe me , from what I have witnessed on other Sites I'm on.



I think the main thing is the design/ color scheme and the fact that we cannot customize our profile pages, because this is a pretty good site. It looks promising honestly.