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I try to be happy as much as possible but I think being happy all the time is an impossible task.


I have never known anyone who can be happy all the time.

Who hasn't wept at the death of a loved one, for example?


Sometimes,  a person is not happy.


Constant happiness is not possible.

You would need to be in a state of ecstasy all the time, and not be able to do anything useful. This state and if a certain standard of happiness becomes an "obligation", many people might disagree, especially in relationships, where the happiness of some is causing frustrations to others.


Hi Dan,

This is one of my persistent life questions, and I have spent much of my seven life decades pondering that...

Bottom line, I think it IS humanly possible to be happy all the time, maybe even the purpose of life as the Dalai Lama claims, our birthright...but even so, maybe it actually comes to one person in a billion...my own experience so far is that if I really look at life's unhappiness somehow you can come to a kind of sorrowful peacefulness, tender and beautiful.

And I really liked the YouTube videos, what they were trying to express. Here is one of the few people who prolly was truly peaceful content happy, she died 1982 I think...if I can upload a graphic now, my first try!


Dan Virginia

Just paste the full image url. Example http://www.example.com/image .jpg

Virginia Virginia

Dan I did that, and it did not work... maybe I will try just drag and drop...

Dan Virginia
For example, just type the following bellow > image (add http:// before)
Virginia Virginia

have no way to get that information on the url, as the photos I have are typically jpegs, which I mainly got from other sources than websites.

No way to upload a photo from my desktop?

Drag-and-drop did not work, either.

Read more: http://www.ihavesolved.com/33860/can-a-person-be-happy-all-the-time#ixzz4f6OT4Qrx

Dan Virginia

I can see that the image url that you posted is http://www.ppserene-1. jpg, it has to be something like http://www.example.com/ppserene-1. jpg. You can upload the image to imgur.com and paste its fully url here and it will show the image here.

Virginia Virginia

Dan, I went to imgur.com and tried but the upload did not work. I am having difficulty working with the site. I went to YouTube to see if there was a video explaining more, but found nothing...cannot seem to find any instructions here on the site, either?

Even when I click 'reply' to respond to your kind efforts to help, it looks like I am answering myself, "Virginia-to-Virginia"...? 

Dan Virginia

I get notification to your reply and you can just ignore "Virginia  Virginia". You can just mention the name of the person to whom you reply. I will explain how to post an image in detail after few hours. Now I'm going away.

Virginia Virginia

Thank you Dan, I have also sent a request for information to Imgur...looks like they will receive it tomorrow, Monday.

Dan Virginia


Virginia Virginia

Oh Dan I love it, is that perhaps a Pokémon? Anyway I can see it fine, and hi to you also!

Dan Virginia

If you want to upload your own image then use imgur.com (you have to sign in) and paste the full image url here. Below you can see, how to post an image from Google image search. You are too fast, lol.


Virginia Virginia

Dear Dan no, it seems that none of that will work...Imgur tech support tells me my browser is too old, will not work on their site. Also, I can no longer do an image search on Google, either...although most of my images are not from there, anyway.

However, I will look through your post one more time, just to make certain...seems so complicated to work with images here on I'veSolved?