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Thinking about getting one, does anyone have any experience with them?

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I have heard about them and had read reviews. Apple watch has more features than the Fitbit models but Fitbit is enough for tracking the fitness. Fitbit is a fitness tracker and Apple watch is more like a mini smartphone.  


Angela, I had never even heard of fitbit, so I am just going along for the ride here on your Q, learning stuff.


Nope! Heard of them but really have no use for one. Looks like Dan has it covered for you! 

The good and the bad of the fitbit - ChicagoNow


A $20 pedometer worn on the hip works just fine for me.  :)

Angela_Anthony TheOtherTink

I have a pedometer app on my phone, was looking for something that also tracks heart rate and activity. I know there's different brands, just wondering if anyone had personal experience with them.

Hitman TheOtherTink

Angela: Are you the one that my old man talks about? Just wondering.

Angela_Anthony TheOtherTink

Yes that'd be me!


Actually, it is much a question of individual needs, specific activities and tastes - and also a matter of fashion.


They are even developing clothing articles with specific functions and programmes.