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I was asked to join it but really don't have the time. I've heard bad stories already about it.

Similarworlds it's called. Supposed to be like Experience project but I never joined that one either.

Myself? I'm kind of burned out on websites.

Wonder how long this one will last as I've heard it's full of perverts.

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I'm burned out myself, and from what I've heard about that site, too many weirdos, perverts, and homos for me. Same reason I don't participate on the other site anymore. Got better things to look forward to other than some lame website. 

Hitman Angela_Anthony

Damn lady! I can tell you've been talking to the old man!


Rooster, I did go there when you mentioned it, as a possibility, a while back...               

I stayed only a few days then cancelled. Then I found this one SOLVED through PepperPot, and it is better imo.

As you know I am interested in the Internet because of its potential for humankind global connections and understanding, but idk...doesn't seem to be going that well overall...

They have mentioned, its for the ex members of the Experience project If you have smartphone, you can try this site - http://whisper.sh/stories/e5b6c07a-a4a6-4b6c-8943-51a75d1eb7c1/Guys-Reveal-Their-Biggest-Insecurities-When-Approaching-Women

Actually, time is too short to try new sites.

I am already struggling to follow up with everything - lol.

It might be useful to check your friends' feed-back about new sites, as far as they are not only taking a superficial look into them.


Darkest Serenity

Chaotic doesn't even come close on that site and the kind of X Rated requests I received in the first 10 minutes of joining 

OMG  takes a lot to shock me but the rumours about SW are all true.


@ Ser:

Omg, if it shocked you, the site must be crudely, stupidly gross.

I don't mind a bit of lasciviousness, as long as it's intelligent.  :)

Rooster Darkest Serenity

@ Serenity: If it bugged you? I'm not going anywhere near it.

Marianne Darkest Serenity

Wow, that tells all; we'll follow your advice, Serenity!



Since Sodahead I've asked my closest friends to follow me over onto other sites I've found or been invited to because it's just no fun on any site without them :D but there is no way I'm subjecting my friends to that Pit of Debauchery (especially my Lady friends) One Guy asked what I made of the site and he was shocked at my response , so I said "make another account as a Woman and in 10 mins you'll see where I'm coming from" :ermm: Maybe you have to be in your 20's to enjoy that kind of site but it's seriously not for me.


Marianne Darkest Serenity

Lol - Serenity - "pit of debauchery" sounds great! :D:D

Actually, all of us are following your advice!


@ M  ........you're a Dark Horse  :P they always say the quite ones are the worst. :ermm: lolz 

Tiff has brought someone over from SW and he seems nice , I welcomed him earlier 

I told him Amirite is slightly tamer than SW as that site is a real eye opener" :O

he laughed and agreed :P it is an absolute Pit of Debauchery , at one point checking out the posts that had been made I thought I was on a Sex site.

I maybe a little Risque on Amirite but I'm Snow White compared to that lot lolz .image

Marianne Darkest Serenity


Lol - "Still waters run deep", as they say. Maybe that I am thinking too loud - lol.


By the way, you are perfectly confirming the famous dry, British humour.

Check our hilarious exchanges under:


I allowed Sherlock Holmes to say something too common - lol.


That new site sounds like a total loser.  :sick:

Marianne TheOtherTink

Or a disaster - :O:angel::D:D ...


I haven't had time to even look at it but from the crap I see on these answer? Hell no! I'll pass!


I joined Experience Project back when it was around and as soon as I posted my photo I got a couple of creepy messages from people. If Similar Worlds is anything like that, then there are a lot of pervs on that site. Also the questions come really fast and they're all kind of stupid questions. I rather have a closer-knit community that asks better questions. 


I have a QnAs site but it never took off. Its kind of an intellectual site so I dont visit it much. LOL

If your curious the address is Carbonproduct.net  

Skunky Stinkerson

until the mods fck up and doesn't change their ways.