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My friend who told me about Ihavesolved.com has been gone from this site for a while, and now she is having trouble with her password or something, and cannot get the code to log back on.

Here is her message to me, what shall I tell her to do? Or can I give someone her username here, to help her directly?

"Is there anyone on ihavesolved that you can speak to? I've been trying to log on, but they say they will send me a code for getting back onto site but it doesn't get sent to my inbox so I cannot log on."  

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What Email service provider is she using? Is it Windows Live Mail? Has she forgot the password or just needs to confirm the mail?

Virginia Dan

Dan, she said her username is the same on this site as the ones I knew her before...it is Pepper Pot, if you know what to do next.

And, I don't actually have her private e-mail, we have been communicating through the Blurtit.com message system, and I did just send her your question about Windows Live Mail. 

Virginia Dan

Dan I just now got this message from Pepper Pot...I don't really know what it means, but she has been trying to get back onto SOLVED for a couple of weeks now...

"“I have the welcome message in my email for the 5/3/2017, but I cannot reply with an email asking for help, it's a no reply service”

Dan Dan

She doesn't have her password?

Virginia Dan

No Dan she does not...she has lost her password.

Dan Dan

Did she tried http://www.ihavesolved.com/forgot ? If not, ask her to try it. It will sent a code and a link to her Email. She has to click that link and enter the code.

Virginia Dan

Dan, take a look at my question again? Because THAT is what Pepper Pot is saying does not work; she uses that link, and it responds saying a code will come, but then no code ever arrives in her inbox. 

And she has been trying this for a couple of weeks now, it does not work.

Dan Dan

I will find a solution.

Virginia Dan

Dan, thank you, I just sent your comment (about finding a solution) to Pepper Pot...actually I sent her all your comments.

Rooster Dan

@ Virginia : I talk to Pepper Pot at AM but she never has said anything about this to me. I sure hope it gets resolved as I like Pepper Pot and she's about the only one that stays in touch with me from blurtit. I don't forget things like that. Hope she makes it back.


Can she make a new account? Seems it might be a bit easier.

Virginia Angela_Anthony

Hi Angela, I just got a message from Pepper Pot through Blurt PM, saying ty...kinda hoping the old one will still work out, perhaps she will have to do that though!

Rooster Angela_Anthony

@ Virginia : I had Dan reinstate my account here and he did it quickly. I would like to see Pepper Pot here.

Virginia Angela_Anthony

Rooster, are you able to PM Pepper Pot directly, on Blurtit? Perhaps not...but I did convey to her from your first comment that you are hoping for her to come. I also told her there are very few people here at present, but congenial and well-informed, thoughtful, doesn't seem like there is drama or gratuitous violence/obscenity here.

She told me she goes to aMug occasionally, sees questions like "When is it okay to slap babies," and decides she did not want to spend much time there.

Rooster Angela_Anthony

@Virginia: I only talk to her when she messages me on AM. I spend less and less time there. Especially after JA and I had some words the other day.

Virginia Angela_Anthony

Rooster, I admire JA and I do think she is trying her best...but I went to Alexa yesterday (that site you showed us), and aMug has REALLY been going downhill lately. She may be casting around for what is going wrong?

It seems to me that the TOS in writing are very different from what is actually happening...I like the basics of aMug very much, but not how the site was carried out over the last few weeks...losing the potential. (Not that I know anything about running a Q/A site, no I do not!)

Marianne Angela_Anthony


I am really sorry to hear that. I missed quite a few things, lately (and we'd rather avoid citing names), but I know that you are already missed there.



I hope that we can welcome Pepper Pot back very soon. :)

Virginia Marianne

Me too Marianne, I remember her as a very fine contributor!

Marianne Marianne

Virginia, that's excellent news. :)<3:)