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Stay inside with the ac on.
A good way to beat the heat.
Considering I live where it actually gets to 110ΒΊ on more than a few occasions...
In the sea.
UNEEQ amberleechoo
A great idea, I love being in the ocean on a hot day.
We don't get 110 degree days, the best we usually get is around 80.....
UNEEQ Platinum
Your on a holiday in Australia and it's going to be 40C, how would you keep cool?
Platinum Platinum
Get on a plane to England ....or dive in a pool or sit in an a/c shopping mall...
41071 Platinum

I lived in Britain as well

Turn the AC on
UNEEQ Echooos
Good idea!
Platinum Bruno56
Is that your pool Bruno ....ill visit...
UNEEQ Bruno56
That's a nice pool, a great way to keep cool.
Bruno56 Bruno56
I wish it were mine!   ;*)
I don't have any photos of mine on any of the hard drives I'm using right now.
My pool is 28 feet round.
41071 Bruno56

So rich!

I'd spend the day inside the walk-in cooler at my local beer distributor.
UNEEQ Ancient_Hippy
That's a good idea, I have thought of going to the supermarket and lying on top of the frozen foods, only a thought :-)
Ancient_Hippy Ancient_Hippy
That's a great idea but you'll have a bunch of people trying to get the items that you're laying on. They'd be poking at you.
float in my pool
Angela Anthony
In the pool with an endless supply of beer and a few friends!
Skunky Stinkerson
if it ever got that hot here. everyone would die lol.. the hottest it gets (during a heat wave) is  86 to 94..  otherwise it usually stays around 75 and 85 on average during the summer.

they've been keeping records for 100 years and its never been hotter than 95.
Sitting in my pool with a floating ice chest full of drinkables. When it's dinner time we have the delivery guy deliver the food to us in the pool. We don't have central air conditioning.