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How many times this dog goes through reincarnation is a story itself. Really good books. A Dogs Journey is the sequel to  A Dog's Purpose.


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I'm definitely going to, but it will be awhile as I'm 33rd on the waitlist at the e-library! 


Rooster, technically at least I do NOT care that much for dogs...preferring the independence and sense of humour of cats...

However, I keep meeting dogs who are just irresistible, their personality so unique, so engaging. Plus they help so many of my friends, often elderly now...everything from service animals, for seizure alert they are unbelievable accurate, for example...to the most loyal and loving of companions. 

Just yesterday, I petted with great delight Cindy, my friend Betty's black curly dog; Cindy is 13 and has heart failure, and  both Betty and Cindy are tiny...

I am not sure how long Betty would even survive without Cindy's companionship...Cindy goes everywhere with Betty in a little leather bag!

* * *

So, I was going to ask you if you thought the books would be good for someone like me also, (sigh) but I already have a hunch the answer is YES...

Rooster Virginia

@Virginia : I think you'll really like these books. The way dogs reincarnate until they find their purpose in life. The whole premise makes them worth reading.

Virginia Virginia

Rooster I have just ordered it from the library...as you already know, the premise is intriguing to me!

Rooster Virginia

@Virginia: I thought of you when I read them. As I believe the same, it makes you wonder if humans have the same experience.


I like animal stories - and these two books look much like "just read them and you will love them".

As for the preferred animal, I love (or at least respect) all of them.

Rooster Marianne

@Marianne: You'll love these books. A break from usual and I loved them.

Marianne Marianne


I am sure that they are good, as I read lots of stories and documents about and with animals.



Like Virginia, I'm more of a cat person, but these books look good:)

Wait a minuteDon't humans also reincarnate until they find their purpose in life?

Virginia TheOtherTink

Ha ha, well I myself am thinking maybe we do just that, O'Tink! And I loved the Judy Collins song...exquisite voice..."It's love's illusions I recall, I really don't know love - at all"...

Marianne TheOtherTink


The song and the voice are exquisite, exactly as Virginia says. :)

TheOtherTink TheOtherTink

@ Virginia and Marianne,

Yes, Judy Collins and that song have been favorites of mine ever since I first heard them.  :)

Marianne TheOtherTink

A good choice, T(h)ink. And Virginia likes it too!



Rooster, I have just discovered that the great 19th century humourist Ambrose Bierce (1842-?1914), in his Devil's Dictionary, has included a definition of DOG!

I loved it, being: "A kind of additional or subsidiary Deity designed to catch the overflow and surplus of the world's worship."


I don't think I'll get a chance to read these two books, but I do love doggies.