I've always believed that, Trump has never wished to be President.  I think what he did was to force us to face very inconvenient questions no one wanted to.

As a Conservative, I like none of the Republican options.  They suck in totality.  Looking across the aisle, it's a toss up between a dirty pathological liar and a self-confessed Socialist.  Can you imagine ol' Bernie as Prez?  Ha!  Look for Biden to jump in the ring when Hillary gets taken down by the FBI due to her inexcusable email debacle.  Maybe no one is above the law after all.

Is this choice?  Is this the best we can do as a Nation?  Heaven help us.....we have arrived at a crossroad where, we are all forced to pick from a "chosen" herd of politicians.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm physically sick.