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Have you got a close family and do you live near each other and how often do you get together...

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I live in Nebraska. I have a sister in Chicago. Brother in Lubbock, TX, sister in Austin, TX. Sister in Albuquerque. Other relatives scattered throughout Nebraska, California, New York.....Due to finances, we don't get to see each other often.
Most of my family lives an hour away from me. I used to see them every weekend. I have a huge family.

My husband's family lives very close to us. My sister in law lives across the street, and my mother in law lives around the corner. My children got to grow up with their cousins across the street, and my mother in law is here all the time. We all get along well, and vacation together once a year. We rent out a huge beach house and all family members congregate there. Now that the kids are in their twenties they come by but never stay as long. My brother in law was a late in life baby (moms was 43) we are 18 years older. So our kids are grown, but he's just starting his family. So we have little ones again. Yay!
My immediate family's very close, and we're pretty close with my mom's sister's family. They live not far from us and we get together a lot. Some of my other relatives live in Florida and I don't know them as well, but it's not like we're estranged from them. So I guess I'm lucky that we've always been a pretty close family.
Except for my son who lives in Spain, the rest of my family all live within a hours drive...so we see each other at least every two weeks and have lots of meals out together and meeting at each other's houses....
I'm very close to my children and they all live within a 45 minute ride. I'm also very close to my wife's family, even since she passed. Nothing's better than family.
Skunky Stinkerson
to my parents..

the bus ride is about an hour in a half to 2 hours depending on which route and transfers i take (and bus wait times).. a car ride is about a half hour... We live in the same metro district but different cities.

i have to catch 3 busses to get to my parents. one from my street to Langley Centre. Langley Centre to Surrey Central, and then Surrey Central to my parents. (once im at langley centre, i usually just catch the express bus to Surrey  because its direct and doesn't make any stops along the way, there are a few buses i try to aviod because they loop all over the place)
Darkest Serenity
Over 200 miles away   lolz
I live with my grandparents and sister. And my uncle, his wife, son and my youngest sister lives about 30-40 min away with car. And don´t really know where my mom lives now since I haven´t had any contact with her for over a year now. And don´t know where my half brother live.
I live with my two little daughters, my parents and one of my brothers live a couple of hours drive away (Different directions)

I have one brother living in Oslo, and another one in Latvia.

We see each other as often as we can, but not as often as I wish.
Platinum HegeMarie
It is a shame when they live so far away, fantastic to see them, but hard to say goodbye when they leave....
HegeMarie HegeMarie
So true
1800 miles away.
That is a very long way....in England you would fall off the edge...lol....
Kind of the point. ;-)