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The real problem is greed ...

Suyanto Tirta Marianne

yes, I am Agree

Marianne Marianne

I think that Pink Floyd's "Money" is illustrating well enough, how people evolve, when they get too much of it:

Suyanto Tirta Marianne

yes I like it  Pink Floyd:)


What Marianne said is true : GREED! I see so much of it nowadays!

Suyanto Tirta Rooster

of course... I'm agree


As Marianne and Rooster said, the devil is greed.

Money is only an exchange medium for goods, services and property.

Suyanto Tirta TheOtherTink

Yeah, ... but many humans forget themselves because of money:D


Its very taxing. ;+

TheOtherTink carbonproduct

Yes indeed. No one is greedier than the politicians.:ermm:

Skunky Stinkerson

We're still waiting for the DNA results. 

Let us know when they come in. :ermm: :D


Marianne Skunky Stinkerson

Lol ! :angel::D:D:D