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Is There Happiness For You?

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Jul 15, 2017 in Society & Culture by Virginia (7,565 points)

Marianne has posted European history links, with royalty assassinating each other and wars/power struggles lifelong. Then O'Tink and I were looking at the 1950's...McCarthyism seems to have driven one senator to suicide, whereupon Joseph McCarthy was censured by the US Senate 1954, soon after which he died age 48 of "hepatitis" (read: alcoholism).

History seems sad! I am doing lots of life review now, my own and world history too...

So, I thought of asking; how much happiness for you in life, and where did/do you find it? Or, what might you like to say about our potential for happiness?

5 Answers

carbonproduct Jul 15, 2017

I find happiness in my life because I find happiness in myself first.  Everything unfolds from that.

Virginia carbonproduct Jul 15, 2017

It is so wonderful that you are able to say that, CP ty for lovely answer.

Kninjanin Jul 15, 2017

I find happiness in my family.

Virginia Kninjanin Jul 15, 2017

The family is a wonderful source of happiness. 

Thank you, Kninjanin.

TheOtherTink Jul 15, 2017

Yes there is happiness in family, friends, career and living in a free country.  But you also need luck, because tragedy can strike, suddenly or slowly, in any of these areas. I have had young friends who died from cancer or by suicide, and my Dad had a good friend from high school who not long ago was murdered along with his wife in a push-in house burglary.

Virginia TheOtherTink Jul 15, 2017

Your response contains both beauty and sorrow, O'Tink...all my wishes for the luck to you and everyone.

TheOtherTink TheOtherTink Jul 15, 2017

Thank you, Virginia, and all the best to you and yours too. <3

Rooster Jul 16, 2017

I think the heart leads you to happiness and soon my most revered dream will be coming true and happiness is where the heart is! Almost like a new life for me! New home and a wonderful lady!

I've had my hard times with war, divorce and many deaths in the family, or what's left of it but now I look to the future with a smile.

Virginia Rooster Jul 16, 2017

Rooster I wish happiness for everyone, and most of all you - that is just so wonderful, and I rejoice for your beautiful new life!

TheOtherTink Rooster Jul 16, 2017

I wish you the best of everything, Rooster:)

Marianne Rooster Jul 17, 2017


My sincerest wishes to you and to all - don't forget to share every day a smile with family and friends.

Marianne Jul 16, 2017

It is not easy to find happiness in hardship, pain and sorrow, and some must carry a heavier burden than others.

But happiness does neither come from others, who show more or less kindness or gratefulness for your help, your efforts or services; the joy comes rather from unexpected highlights and moments - or findings and amazing discoveries. Happiness comes from our own heart, from the little things we enjoy to see on our path, from activities we love (even if we can't do them often), from thoughts, from the books we read, from family and our close friends. We are always expected to do much - sometimes too much - but we cannot expect the others to make the same efforts, as every individual has different skills and performances. And happiness comes from achievements and performances, overcoming our fears, weaknesses, or handicaps, from our own progresses, and from those we could make happy, even if it was only for a moment. And last but not least, all the good laughs shared in good company - or among strangers, a bit like "singing in the rain".

Virginia Marianne Jul 17, 2017

THAT is a beautiful response, Marianne

Marianne Marianne Jul 18, 2017

Thank you, Virginia - we were taught take a closer look at the simple little things in life and not to expect too much, even if we had to make great efforts, starting tedious tasks all over again, and sacrificing often our free time, things and plans to do useful things, and adopting more realistic practices.


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