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I use Google, Yahoo, Bing and Yandex. I go to qwant.com sometimes. Do you know some other search engines?

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I use most of the time Google, and, additionally, Yahoo and Bing, depending on what I am looking for.


I use Google 99% of the time. I find Bing and Yahoo not as good.  Haven't tried the others you mention.


Dear Kninjanin,

As far as other search engines, I think that Ask.com is still used as a search engine?

I myself use ASK rarely, however. I keep Google as my home page (grrr...too big!), but actually use Yahoo, which is not as good in my experience, but every time I do a search there it makes a penny for the non-profit organization I worked with in Iowa!


I use Google also as I think it's the best of the bunch. Fast and efficient. Bing is OK but a little sluggish and Yahoo is a waste of time. Google has the best and easiest search engine