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Conor Mcgregor is a popular MMA fighter, out of 24 MMA fights he had won 21. This is Mayweather 's 39th boxing match and Conor Mcgregor's 1st boxing match.

There was a lot of promotion for this match. Now, Conor Mcgregor loss the match and Mayweather retired with his 40 undefeated matches. Floyd Mayweather gets at least $100m by fighting with Conor McGregor. He is now the highest earning sportsman.

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Um... well, sorry, it's just not my cup of tea.

I wouldn't pay a nickel to see two boxers or MMA competitors try to beat each other senseless.

Dan TheOtherTink

Then WWE? :D

TheOtherTink TheOtherTink

@ Dan:

Lol, yes, it's more entertaining, and at least one knows that if anyone really gets hurt, it's only by accident, not by intent.  :D

I like tennis.


Why sure! Mayweather is a professional boxer and McGregor could only box and not use any of his martial arts. Mayweather just wore him down and beat him. Nice try pal but no cigar!


Hi Dan, 

Well I am with Other Tink over watching the tennis matches, then I go to the figure skating (ice), and I also like the beautiful horses going through the obstacle courses, dressage and such...

Besides, isn't Mayweather the one who has a habit of beating up on his women, outside the ring? Yuck!