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There is a game called Blue Whale and many commit suicide while playing it. Are people really dumb to commit suicide for a game? Would you or let your children play it?

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No way I would let anyone play it! These kids nowadays come up with some strange and deadly crap. I have no idea who the sick person is who invented this foolish game!


Of course not.

The maker of this game is criminal. :angry:

Dan TheOtherTink
TheOtherTink TheOtherTink

That teacher and principal are a disgrace.  Wasn't it enough for them that the poor girl was embarrassed and humiliated, without scolding her too?  :angry:


Dan, I have been thinking back some sixty years ago now to my own teen years - which were difficult with lots of depression - and I STILL cannot even conceive of how I could ever be vulnerable to something like your videos describe.

The Internet has immense potential for human benefit, but there seems to be a dark side also...

Here is what I think we need to consider, world-wide: NOT to leave adolescents unsupervised in large groups, and that includes limiting Internet access, until they are stabilized into healthy adulthood...too much downside potential for a LORD OF THE FLIES kind of situation, on the order of Golding's novel.

What a tragedy to lose these beautiful young people to such a menacing game!


If I even heard my girls mentioning something like this? There would be hell to pay!