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Good url shorteners

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Sep 1, 2017 in Websites by Kninjanin (3,583 points)

I found url shorfeners where I created my profiles. I share urls and create url bundles. When I share video urls, url shorteners create special pagesvfor videos. Urls, profiles and bundles can be private and public. Url shorteners do not ask for personal information.

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Marianne Sep 1, 2017

Thank you for the link, Kninjanin; it might be quite useful.

TheOtherTink Sep 1, 2017

I haven't used or tried them.

Rooster Sep 1, 2017

I don't need to use them much but when I do? I just use Google URL Shortener. Quick easy and fast.

Google URL Shortener

Kninjanin Sep 2, 2017

On url shorteners, I have no contact with other users. It helps to protect from scams and trolls. I do not see the shortened urls from other users and they do not see my urls. The same thing is on many file hosting and file mirroring websites.

Virginia Sep 2, 2017

Hi Kninjanin,

This is the URL shortener I have used, it seems to be from Google? Thank you for the link to the list, I will hold onto it.

Marianne Virginia Sep 2, 2017

It is indeed, Virginia; these links look really useful.

Good to see you back!


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