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I share on social networks topics from history, songs, books, articles. I see do not like or do not comment when I post such things. It seems that they don't like serious content. They post selfies, tons of photos from birthdays and weddings. They write against someone and offend others.

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I am afraid that too many younger people had to wake up in a period of disillusions, indifference, sick-minded fanatism, mass production, environmental disasters, poverty, wars, corruption, wasteful consumerism, violence, abuse and crimes and shattered dreams.

Many are looking towards a precarious future, controversed values, performance stress, lost ideals and having to assume the failures of the former generations. They are also confronted with unnatural standards regarding beauty, image, health, skills, moralities, attitudes, prejudices and social status.

They try to escape to artificial fantasy worlds, modern music, movies, TV sports, on-line gaming, blogging, sharing selfies, family and friends' events, collecting on-line friends, dating, etc., and history, geography, classic literature and arts, biology, etc., seem to be a loss of time.





And middle-aged people are often so busy that they have no time left for their literature or historical groups.

As to older people, well, they are often considered old fashioned - lol.


By "social networks" you mean like Facebook?  If so I believe many people are on there to talk about and praise themselves. They do not want to learn. Its all "ME.. ME .. ME".." aren't I Wonderful"  " Great that they invented Facebook so you all could see me and talk about me."

Kninjanin Korvo

It is true about Facebook. It is one of reasons I dekete my Facebook account.


I don't and won't belong to any social networks! Like Korvo, it's all about me, me, me. I saw a lot of this stuff on Similar Worlds where I would get messages from strangers wanting to know all about me. No thank you!  I only use the phone, e-mail or Skype to talk to anyone I know. I'm a little paranoid about e-mail after being phished. No, I belong to this site and one other and use them when I have time, which isn't a lot. Personally? I think Facebook, Twitter and the rest are a joke. It was the same way on Similar Worlds! You couldn't ask an intelligent question or expect any intelligent answers. I don't know how blurtit is now but I'm glad to be done with the drama from there.

Paperwork is going through for my new house and I just don't have time between all that stuff, working for Slitherine and dealing with my ex wife. That's enough drama for now. Plus all this identity theft crap. What a pain!

Kninjanin Rooster

It is true. Interestingbpeople are minority on social networks. I visited Blurtit a few days ago but I did not sign in. I saw someone had asked about some some services and users had accused them for spamming.


Hi Kninjanin, I also deleted off Facebook a few years ago now. I do enjoy meeting and learning from people from all over the world, but not the constant personal barrage you often see.

I think it says something that this site is so small. We have a good mix of information, advice, and fun posts, but not many people join in! I sometimes look at the statistics for this site below, for example more than 11,000 visits yesterday, but they do not stay and join in...I wonder sometimes what is going on?

TheOtherTink Virginia


The number is exaggerated because every time you refresh the page, or open a new page on the site, it counts as another visit.

Virginia Virginia

Aha! So that is why we have so many visits...it's mostly us!

TheOtherTink Virginia

Probably.  :D :D :D


I think it is because not many people on social media sites are serious people.

My opinion is that it is because there is too much negative stuff going on in the world.