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If you believe?

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Sep 17, 2017 in Religion by TheOtherTink (21,068 points)

This clip inspired a little poem (see 2:45 of the clip)

From Psalm 65, in Blank Verse

Our praise awaiteth Thee, O God, in Zion

And Unto Thee our vow shall be fulfilled.

To Thee that hearest pray’r, all flesh shall come

And though iniquities ‘gainst us prevail,

Yet Thou shalt purge away our every sin.

Blest are the ones whom Thou by grace hast chosen

And bidst us come upon the latest day

To dwell within Thy sacred courts forever.

3 Answers

Virginia Sep 17, 2017

O'Tink, I loved that...and your rendering of the psalm is beautiful. I checked, and Bodie is only thirty miles from lovely Mono Lake in California, less if you don't take a road but go as the crow flies...


TheOtherTink Virginia Sep 17, 2017


That lake is marvelous!  :)

Virginia Virginia Sep 18, 2017

O'Tink, I was on a road trip supposed to take two weeks - ended up sixteen months - and one night I pulled off the road at midnight to grab a few hours' sleep. Well, when I woke up it was dawn, and this was the sight I saw with all the dawn colours! Natcherly, ended up spending a week or so there at that marvelous has no outlet, so the water is loaded with mineral salts over the centuries.

But I never made it to Bodie, I see that Rooster has been there, though...

TheOtherTink Virginia Sep 18, 2017

Sixteen monthsSome road trip:O :)

Korvo Virginia Sep 18, 2017

Mono lake.. is that the one that, if you need to wash your clothes, you just dip them in, and they come out clean, but don't leave them in too long or they dissolve?  I know there is one like that either California or Colorado.

Virginia Virginia Sep 18, 2017

Korvo, that is indeed the very lake...I somehow got hold of some comments from Mark Twain, because he visited Mono Lake also. And the clothes if you let them dry with the salts on them, they stand up by themselves, without you in them! 

But yes indeed, after reading Mark Twain I tried it with my jeans, dipping them into the lake waters. They stood up by themselves, but then even though I washed them in plain water afterwards, they still disintegrated very quickly!

* * *

Maybe you already know...Mono Lake is actually a thriving ecological niche, very much alive with a kind of fly that loves that lake and the visiting birds that feed on the flies. BUT, Los Angeles was draining off the creek that feeds the lake for their public water system - piping the water down there.

So some people got together and somehow sued, I think they are called the Mono Lake Committee, and now Los Angeles is allowed to take only so much water, just enough that Mono Lake stays healthy!

That whole part of NE and east central California is beautiful and fascinating.

Rooster Sep 17, 2017

I've been to Bowie twice in my life and I know why it's a ghost town. Really hot and dry and no water. How anyone ever lived there is beyond me!

TheOtherTink Rooster Sep 17, 2017

@ Rooster,

There is a well at 2:20 in the clip.   But I'm sure there were no shipments of Evian or Poland Spring.  :D

Rooster Rooster Sep 18, 2017

@Tink : If I remember right? There is something bad with the water in that well. Possible salinity but I'll have to look it up later. I never saw any well or I would have remember something about it. Oh well.

Marianne Sep 18, 2017

Oh yes, I remember Copland's Saturday Night Waltz and the pictures of Ghost Town Bodie - a serene moment.

And, for amateurs, there are also some stories about spirits (or ghosts) going around:


TheOtherTink Marianne Sep 18, 2017

Don't steal any of the artifacts if you go there, Marianne.  :D

Marianne Marianne Sep 18, 2017

Lol - there's no risk; I prefer to shoot photos.

But mind the kids - I suppose that all of us, as little kids, collected a few nice looking pebbles ...


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