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Do you know file upload website without reistration?

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Although I use Dropbox myself and it's free, there is not a lot to really register unless you are going to use all of their services. I've never used any others as I trust Dropbox and we use it some for patch downloads at Slitherine/Matrix but not often. You might look at these and try one.

8 Best Anonymous File sharing sites : No registration required

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Thank you! I consider file upload websites very useful. I can upload every file type. I copy file links and send them via email or messages. 

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You're welcome.


Actually not; I am only sharing or citing links, with pictures, news, texts, etc.

The problem is that you can't register with every site, as there is already too much correspondence to deal with.


I use Makeagif and Imgur, but only for gifs and memes, and they do require registration.