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Oct 2, 2017 in News & Informations ⌨ by Suyanto Tirta (1,859 points)
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Virginia Oct 2, 2017

Thank you Suyanto Tirta, I did not even know this had happened until your post...I hope Indonesia is quieter now, too...nowhere in the world is really safe now.

Suyanto Tirta Virginia Oct 9, 2017

yeah, .. you are right. the dynamics of life so quickly

Rooster Oct 2, 2017

It's a darn shame that people think so less of others lives.

Hillary says it's the NRA's fault!

Suyanto Tirta Rooster Oct 9, 2017


TheOtherTink Oct 2, 2017

It is just awful that there are so many cruel, murderous monsters in the world.

Suyanto Tirta TheOtherTink Oct 9, 2017

we need to know the motive of the incident

Dan Oct 2, 2017

Why does people in US has gun? Here in India, it is a crime and no one haves it. But crimes do occur here with knife. But it seems like, Americans will still use guns illegally if it gets banned.

TheOtherTink Dan Oct 3, 2017

@ Dan,

According to this article, guns CAN be obtained legally in India.

And of course criminals can get them and use them illegally.

Suyanto Tirta Dan Oct 9, 2017
TheOtherTink Dan Oct 10, 2017

@ Suyanto,

Indeed it does, whether the crime is committed with a legal or an illegal gun, or any other weapon.

Marianne Oct 3, 2017

Thank you, Suyanto - we are all concerned; actually, I have been discussing this disaster yesterday with one of my close friends, as we had been looking for more details.

Here are some more news:

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