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Good ole "Mad" magazine! They cut on everything and everyone! Ever check it out?

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Oct 10, 2017 in Comics & Animation by Rooster (10,804 points)

Nobody like Alfred E. Neuman!


4 Answers

Ladyhorse Oct 10, 2017

YES!! I used to love it.

Marianne Oct 10, 2017

I did not see this show (the only American channel I get is CNN News), but I remember very well some famous European shows, which were a success, some time ago, like, for instance, "Spitting Image" and "Le Bêbête Show":

Ladyhorse Marianne Oct 10, 2017

Marianne, It was a magazine back in the 50's...I was not an avid reader but I liked the puns and jokes. My mom used to laugh at things in it I was probably too naive to understand. I do remember reading the Spy vs Spy but not specifics.

Okay, so it is still around?? I haven't had one since the 50's. Haven't even looked for it since then. So I am a recluse...not by choice. 

Oh, and Marianne, it seems to me I do remember hearing of a television program about MAD some time ago but never watched it.  

TheOtherTink Marianne Oct 10, 2017

@ Marianne,

You can see all the previous Mad magazine covers here:

Marianne Marianne Oct 11, 2017

Wow - I thought that there was also a corresponding TV show ...

Well, in this case, I'll have to refer to "Le canard enchaîné"


or "Eulenspiegel":


Marianne Marianne Oct 11, 2017

Lol - thank you for the info, Ladyhorse.

Yes, I checked in the meantime, here in Continental Europe, we have also quite a few satirical magazines (see above).


TheOtherTink Oct 10, 2017

Alfred E. Neuman?

I thought he quit this website.  :D

Virginia Oct 10, 2017

Rooster, I did not even know Mad Magazine was still around! I used to read it as far back as the 1950's..."What, me worry?"

Rooster Virginia Oct 10, 2017

It's still out there and I still grab one once in a while. Just can't resist! June 2017


Virginia Virginia Oct 12, 2017

Well, definitely ima look for it now...I loved it, MAD was a rite of passage for my generation, almost!

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