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I noticed that some people are obsessed with online communication. A guy from Philippines send me messages every minute on Tango app. While I was using Facebook, some users were sending me messages every minute. If I want to leave a website or app and disconnect, I cannot because of them. Some of them call me but if I call, I will lose too many free megabytes.

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The internet can become an addiction, and it also attracts a lot of mentally unstable people.


Yes, Kninjanin, this worldwide "phenomenon" has been observed since a certain number of years; so many people want to share pictures, music, opinions, videos, travels, sports, fun, experiences, family, friends, pets, happy and sad moments - as good as everything in their life - on-line; it is like an addiction, a quest for recognition and for collecting thousands of friends. 

I hope that Dan can give you a useful idea about how to disconnect from unwanted apps or sites and reduce the number of messages.

Personally, I realised very quickly that I couldn't follow up with messsages, and I had to ask them to be patient, as I often kept them waiting.

Go at your rhythm - real friends will understand and keep in touch, at your rhythm, and many others will probably find you too slow or boring and forget about you ... And reduce the number and the time spent  with on-line or video games.

After all, the quality is much more important than the number. :)


Hi Kninjanin, 

The Internet really is rather magical...connecting with people across the world instantly, people you will probably never meet....

I think I already mentioned that I finally just closed my account on Facebook? Mostly because of the hacking, but also people were getting offended sometimes because I did not respond quickly enough, or in the "wrong" way...I just could not keep up! 

Kninjanin Virginia

Twitterers are more peaceful than other social media users. They just send me a message like follow me on Instagram and they don't send me messages anymore.

Virginia Virginia

That is interesting, Kninjanin...I have learned many things from you about the Internet and social networking!

Kninjanin Virginia

One of my Facebook friends wanted from me that I like his posts. He was sending me messages like that every second day.


I just stick to two Q&A sites and leave it at that. I'm too busy with Matrix games Forum to spend much time at either, even though they made me a mod. I told them it was only part time but they still gave that to me. The Matrix Forum is mainly about the games that are out or are in beta testing, so there is very rarely people talking to each other that much. Never have been one for Facebook and such as I just don't have time for them and from what little I saw a few years back? I wasn't impressed. I get asked to join all the time but I'm just not interested. Sorry.